From basic white padded chairs to clear top tents we can do it all for you. We have many varieties and "collections" available as well. So, for instance,  if you are going for a Gold plated look we have candle holders, candelabras, gold lace, and more. We can help create your event from beginning to end without having to go through multiple vendors. 

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We feel that lighting can be one of the most important aspects when designing your wedding. After the sunsets, and the backdrop fades away is when the music kicks in and the fun begins. Your reception will be 10 times more enhanced and jaw dropping with the right lighting. We have worked at numerous wedding venues and know each area where lighting needs to be set up to make sure your Florida Keys Wedding goes out with a bang. 

Florida Keys Wedding Decor 

We've done thousands of centerpieces and tablescapes in venues throughout Key Largo, Islamorada, Ocean Reef, Marathon, Coral Gables, Brickell and More. We offer floral and non-floral designs, themed centerpieces, and lots of custom creations. Whether you are looking for a champagne wedding on a box wine budget or you are ready to go all out we can custom create ideas as well as set up mocks for you look at and approve of. 

Whether you need only a few centerpieces or over one hundred, you can count on us to create designs that will wow your guests.

Stage and Uplighting

Let's be honest. There are certain aspects in which every person may have a part of their job in which they don't like. For us, this is not one of those parts. This is why we do this. We are based in one of the most beautiful locations in the Florida Keys here in Key Largo and tropical landscapes set among blue ocean waters makes this job a little too easy sometimes. Our inspiration from fall colors to blue waters is what drives us. 

Do you want your Florida Keys Wedding to be remembered for a lifetime? Do you want to raise the standard for all other weddings to be held on? Years after the cake has been cut and the I Do's have been said, people will still remember your wedding event here in the Florida Keys. 

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